Course Level :

Duration : 2 Months

Category : Programming Languages

Throughout the course, hands-on excercises (both classroom & Lab Assignment) are designed to reach object oriented programming using the Java Standard Edition programming language (JSE 8). Learn the syntax, semantics and idioms of the java programming language Gain confidence in object-oriented programming principles through lots of practical exercises that provide useful exposure to the java class libraries.

Course Outline:

1) Introduction to java Programming
2) Technology
3) Language Fundamentals I
4) Language Fundamentals II
5) Language Fundamentals III
6) Language Enhancement (java 7) Arrays, Strings and wrapper Class 7)
7) Concept of interface, abstract class and Exception Handling
8) Nested Class
9) Multi-threading
10) Stream-Based I/O
11) NIO
12) Generics
13) Collection Framework
14) Traversing Collection
15) The java.util.Collection interface: Supported Operations
16) The java.util.set interface: Supported operations
17) Language Enhancement (Java 8)